Best Time to Visit Paris

Best Season to Visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris is between the months June and August, September, and October. Between June and August, the city experiences the summer season, during which the weather is pleasant with long days of sunshine. However, this also makes the summer season the most crowded in Paris, when tourism is quite expensive in the city. If you are looking for a budget tour, the best season to visit Paris is fall, from the month of September to October.

During this time, there are also shorter lines and almost no crowd at the various attractions of the city, which means you can have a peaceful and undisturbed visit. Fall season also brings in the breathtaking spring blooms of the city that are sure to leave you awestruck and in love with Paris.

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High Season in Paris

The high season in Paris is between the months of June and August, with the peak being July. This is the summertime in the city and is known to be the best season to visit Paris. During this time, the city experiences balmy weather and long days, which acts as a blessing for tourists. The cafes have a very laid-back atmosphere and the views along the famous Seine river are simply stunning.

During the high season, there can be large crowds at the popular attractions of the city, like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. You may also need to make advance reservations at the restaurants and pay some extra bucks at the hotels for your stay.

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Shoulder Season in Paris

There are two shoulder seasons in Paris; the city experiences the first shoulder in the months of April and May. During this time, there is light rain but the weather is almost like the summers. However, there is no summer crowd at this time in the city and you can have a full happy run of the place.

The city experiences the second shoulder from mid-September to November. During this time, the weather is cool and crisper. This is the perfect time to go around and explore Paris like a local. During the shoulder season, the prices of the hotels slash down and tourism becomes quite cheap in Paris.

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Best Time to Visit Paris to Avoid Crowds

Paris remains crowded between the months of May and September. The highest number of tourists throng the city in the month of July, which is known to be the peak time in Paris. This is followed by June and August. If you want to avoid crowds and have a peaceful, enjoyable time in the city, the best months to visit Paris are between October and April. Having said that, the population of tourists in the city may increase towards mid-December for Christmas celebrations.

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Holidays and Festivals Season in Paris

Many avid travellers consider holidays and festivals as the best time to visit Paris. There are a multitude of festivities that the city observes throughout the year.Paris takes its sports quite seriously. The Paris Marathon is held in the month of April, which is followed by the French Open in May. Later in the month of July, the Tour de France begins.

In the summers, the city becomes very active and engages in many celebrations. On 14th June Bastille Day is celebrated and the legendary Fête de la Musique is observed on 21st June. La Nuit des Musées, Paris Plages, and the famous Paris Jazz Festival are other festivals held in the summers. Paris celebrates Fashion Week twice. The first Paris Fashion Week is held in September for spring styles and the next Paris Fashion Week is held in February for fall styles. In December, the city comes together to celebrate Christmas. Finally, on 6th January, the Feast of the Epiphany takes place, when you can relish the delicious king cake.

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Best Months to Visit Paris

Paris in Spring (March - May)

Temperature: Avg high is 19 degrees & avg low is 4 degrees.

Weather: During the spring season, the weather keeps changing throughout the day. The daytime is mostly warm, nice, and long, whereas the evenings get cooler. Rains are inevitable but the warm daytime weather dries up the streets as soon as the rains stop.

Significant Events: The Paris Marathon is held during this time. The French Open is also held in the month of May. The Foire du Trône is the key attraction of this season. This event amazes both the tourists and the locals with music, fireworks, food, and rides.

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Paris in Summer (June - August)

Temperature: Avg high is 24 degrees & avg low is 13 degrees

Weather: The weather being warm and pleasant during this season, summer makes for the best time to visit Paris. This is the perfect time to walk around the city and soak in the stunning sights. The city is very active and cheerful during this time of the year.

Significant Events: The key festive highlight in Paris in the summers is the Tropical Carnival of Paris. The entire city looks really appealing at this time with colourful costumes and happy faces. Fête de la Musique is observed as the Music Day of Paris.

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Paris in Autumn (September to November)

Temperature: Avg high is 21 degrees & avg low is 5 degrees

Weather: As autumn approaches, the summer heat reduces and the crowd becomes thin. The days start getting shorter and by October the temperature gradually goes down. The daytime is cool, while the evenings are colder.

Significant Events: During this time of the year, visitors are offered free access to many monuments of Paris. You may run the La Parisienne race, and also take a stand against breast cancer. In October you can see artworks for free as artists showcase their art across the city. In November, you can also enjoy wine tasting at the Beaujolais nouveau.

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Paris in Winter (December to February)

Temperature: Avg high is 8 degrees & avg low is 2 degrees

Weather: By the time winter approaches in Paris, almost all the trees have shed their leaves. There is no sun even during the daytime and both the days and the nights are colder. The days are short with the sunset generally taking place by 5PM.

Significant events: There is so much to do in Paris during the winters. You can enjoy ice skating in one of the temporary ice rinks of the city. You can also go ice skating on the first floor of the famous Eiffel Tower. You can go shopping in the Christmas markets or simply settle down and sip some hot chocolate. The famous Paris Fashion Week is hosted in the city in January.

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FAQ's Regarding Best Time to Visit Paris

What is the best month to go to Paris?

The best months to visit Paris are the summer months, from June to August. During this time of the year, the weather of the city is pleasant and balmy, which is perfect to take a walk around the city and explore the various attractions of Paris.

How many days are sufficient in Paris?

You need at least 3 days to explore Paris. On the first day, you can visit Musee d’Orsay, Luxembourg Gardens, Montparnasse Tower, and Catacombs. You can spend the second day visiting the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, and Tuileries Garden. You can visit the Louvre Museum, Palais-Royal, Ile de la Cité, and Notre-Dame Cathedral on the third day. You can end your Paris trip by taking a cruise on the famous River Seine in the evening of day 3.

What is the best time to explore Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is during the summer season, between the months of June and August. During this time, the weather of Paris is warm and pleasant, which is suitable for going around and exploring the city.If you are looking for a less crowded time to explore the city, September to October is the ideal time.

What is the best thing to Do in Paris in winter?

There are a plethora of amazing things to do in Paris in winter. You can enjoy skating in one of the temporary ice rinks of the city or on the first floor of the famous Eiffel Tower. You can also visit the Christmas markets and shop your heart out. You can also settle down and enjoy some delicious hot chocolate or warm wine.

What are the best activities to do in Paris in summer?

If you are visiting Paris in Summer, you can witness the famous and colourful Tropical Carnival of Paris. You can also enjoy Fête de la Musique, the music day in Paris. Movie lovers can head to La Villette Outdoor Movie Theatre and enjoy watching movies with their loved ones under the open sky.

What is the best time to visit Paris for a honeymoon?

The winter season, from November to February is the most romantic and the best time to visit Paris for honeymooners. During this time, the whole city comes alive with lively Christmas markets and colorful light decorations. Couples can enjoy the snow or just sip together some hot chocolate or warm wine.



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