Beaches Near Paris

Best Beaches Near Paris

Are you looking for the best beaches near Paris where you can have the coolest summer vacation? If yes, you'll be glad to know that there are many beautiful beaches in Paris where you can enjoy the sand, surf, and the sun. If you're looking for an instagram-friendly beach destination where you can enjoy picturesque views and try out various water-based activities, Berck Beach should be your ideal option. Head to Plage de Trouville if you desire deserted shorelines with calm waters and unique scenery.

If you fancy pearlescent sands, incredibly blue waters, towering palm trees, and surreal sunsets, Cabourg Beach should be your go-to choice. For a truly spectacular beach experience, you can head to Le Crotoy Beach, where you'll find beach huts and mansions from the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. So pack your swimwear, grab those sunscreens and shades, and head to one of these beaches near Paris for the most memorable summer holiday ever.

Deauville Beach

If you're looking for a beach near Paris where you can have a memorable aquatic adventure, you won't find a place better than Deauville Beach. It was originally part of the Normandy coast and features several shopping stores and restaurants. The beach has powdery white sand and turquoise blue crystal-clear water begging to be explored. You can lounge in the sun, stroll around its beautiful shoreline and enjoy various water sports activities.

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Dieppe Beach

Dieppe Beach is an undiscovered pocket of paradise ideal for having a sun-kissed gateway. It is one of the most picturesque beaches near Paris, dotted with delightful shanties and lovely beach huts from which the delectable aromas of waffles and crêpes waft in the air. It offers a multitude of activities, such as swimming, strolling, and sunbathing. You can also find here a cycling trail and a large children's playground where you can go rollerblading.

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Plage de Trouville

Stretching over 900 meters, Plage de Trouville is strewn with hefty granite boulders and cloaked in pure white sand. This beach near Paris is less crowded and perfect for those on the lookout for a more relaxing experience. There are plenty of clubs, restaurants, and bars tucked by the shore where you can dance, party, and enjoy seafood. Kids can enjoy slides, swings, and inflatables at various stops throughout the route, and the adults can learn sand yachting at a nautical facility.

Plage du Butin

If you're dreaming of a tropical getaway with powdery white sands, palm trees, makeshift cafes, and lively buzz, Plage du Butin can be your ideal choice. It is one of the best beaches near Paris where you can take advantage of activities like swimming, mussels scrounging and sunbathing. You can also sip on cocktails and try fresh seafood at the beachside restaurants or soak in the sun while relaxing on the lounge chair.

Le Crotoy Beach

Located in the middle of the Baie de Somme on the banks of the English Channel, Le Crotoy Beach seems to be a part of a fantasy novel with its gleaming blue waters and powdery white sand. It is the closest beach to Paris, and during sunset time, it thrives with people who assemble to watch the sun go down the horizon. You can enjoy various adventurous activities like kitesurfing, kayaking, and horse riding.

Cabourg Beach

Cabourg Beach is the closest beach to Paris, where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation far away from the Parisian frenzy. It has been nicknamed "the beach of the romantics" due to its Belle Époque ambiance and serenity. This two-kilometer-long beach is a little piece of paradise dotted with sumptuous villas and beach huts. While on the beach, you can walk along the Marcel Proust Promenade, the longest walking promenade in Europe.

Yport Beach

Yport is a well-maintained pebble beach near Paris, ideal for long walks during the fresh sea breeze. Dotted along its coastline are little ports and towns filled with small boats, cute houses, and plenty of bakeries. Stroll along its coastline and climb the beautiful coastal paths to get a breathtaking view of the nearby village and its surrounding bay. The mixture of imposing and shallow granite formation and clear blue water makes it one of the most photographed beaches in France.

Berck Beach

Berck Beach is one of the finest beaches near Paris, with a backdrop of saffron cliffs and lush foliage. Cast your eye across the blue waters, and you might spot some unique marine species breaking the surface. The stunning sand dunes make for great sightseeing and hiking opportunities. Berck's kite festival and many other international kite events are organized here, drawing a huge amount of crowd.


Étretat is a beautiful stone beach near Paris that extends between two cliffs, Amont and Aval. You can embrace some of the finest views from the beach and go for a relaxing swim on the channel. Even during the low tide, you can find several hidden caves around the beach that are worth exploring. You can enjoy various water-based activities such as sailing, fishing, and surfing. Rent a colorful hut on the beach and spend some peaceful time relaxing and embracing the picturesque views.

Le Touquet Beach

Le Touquet is one of the best beaches near Paris, with the clearest and softest sand imaginable. The beach is a secluded tropical paradise that seems to emerge right out of a fairy tale. It is great for treasure-hunting for seashells, beachcombing at sunset, swimming, and relaxing in a peaceful setting. One can stop by the beachside eateries and cafes for a snack, delicious seafood, or quick coffee.

FAQ's About Beaches Near Paris

What are the most famous beaches near Paris?

  • Deauville Beach: Deauville is one of the best beaches near Paris, backdropped by swaying palms and embraced by turquoise surf. You can enjoy swimming, sun lounging, strolling, and treasure hunting for seashells.

  • Étretat: Étretat is one of the finest beaches near Paris, renowned for its unspoiled beauty and several hidden caves. It is an absolute paradise for water sports enthusiasts as it offers various activities such as sailing, fishing, and surfing.

What is the most beautiful beach near Paris?

Le Touquet is the most beautiful beach near Paris, with the clearest and softest sand and picturesque backdrop. It offers some of the best coastal scenery with incredibly white sand and towering palm trees.

What is the nearest beach to Paris?

Dieppe is the nearest beach to Paris, situated around one hundred and seventy kilometers from the capital.

Are there beaches around Paris?

Yes, there are many beaches near Paris renowned for their picturesque scenery, brilliant backdrop, and tons of water sports activities on offer. Some of the most famous beaches near Paris that are worth visiting include Dieppe, Deauville, Cabourg, and Le Crotoy Beach.

How long does it take to get to the beach from Paris?

Different beaches in Paris have different proximity from the city depending on their location. Paris is situated around 170 kilometers from Les cerfs-volants de Dieppe beach, the nearest beach, and it takes less than 2 hours to reach here.



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