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Louvre Museum

One of the most well-known and visited Paris museums, the Louvre Museum is also the world’s largest museum housed in the former Royal palace of the French King. This museum is like a huge city in its own right, with decorated multi level galleries, escalators, staircase, passageways and an iconic pyramid roof. The museum hosts 10 million visitors every year, most of them visiting to witness the famous lady Mona Lisa. There are more than 35,000 art pieces and artworks in addition to the famous painting by daVinci.

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Orsay Museum

A rare and unique experience in the Paris museums, the Orsay Museum is nestled inside a former trainstation. The museum aims to bring together art that leaves an impression on the visitors andthe art lovers from around the globe. The collection of the museum includes the work ofimpressionist and post-impressionist movement artists like Monet, van Gogh and ToulouseLautrec. It is also home to art pieces that belong to the Art Nouveau era and even 19th centurysculptures.

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Centre Pompidou

One of the few museums in Paris that can actually rival the popularity of the iconic Eiffel Towerand Arc de Triomphe is the Centre Pompidou museum. The museum boasts primary colours, inaddition to a rustic charm of exposed pipes and air ducts making it one of the most well-knownsites in the entire city. The museum has a beautiful collection of modern art which is also thelargest in Europe and is often compared to that of the MoMA in New York. The idea is to bringtogether a modern art museum, space for exhibitions, a library and performance space in amultipurpose complex.

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Orangerie Museum

The Orangerie Museum is one of the most brilliant museums in Paris housing the works ofpopular artists like Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir and more. The highlight however of themuseum are the eight tapestry sized water lily paintings that are situated in two plain ovalrooms. The spacious set up is set to let the visitors enjoy the astonishing colors and work ofMonet in a relaxed space. Art pieces of the other artists are housed downstairs which includesthe work of Jean Aalter and Paul Guillaume.

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Petit Palais

Nestled on the opposite side of the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais is fondly known as the youngersibling of the popular tourist attraction. The museum boasts superior and admirablearchitecture on its exterior as well as within its walls. Visitors will get to explore the artworkand sculptures of artists like Poussin, Dore, Courbet, and the major impressionists. Downstairsin the museum there are various knick knacks and jewellery pieces on display from the ArtNouveau era.

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Rodin Museum

The unique hotel turned Rodin museum is among the most popular museums to visit in Paris. Thefamous sculptor ‘Auguste Rodin’ spent his last days in the same building which now features hispop up works like ‘The Kiss’, ‘The Walking Man’, portraits and wary terracotta. Many of hisindividual works are also featured on ‘The Gates of Hell’ . Some of his work is also accompaniedby pieces that were curated by Camille Claudel, his pupil and mistress. The walls of the galleryare decorated with the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir and Rodin himself.

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Musée National Picasso-Paris

Opened in 1985, Musée National Picasso is among the most renowned and stunning places in the Frenchcapital. The popular art institute is home to the most beautiful pieces belonging to the famousartist Picasso. The museum is known to be home to one the worlds largest known collection ofthe artist's work, all of which is on display in the vibrant exhibition spaces. Visitors get to enjoy masterpieces such as La Celestina, Portrait of Marie-Therese Walter and The Suppliant.

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Musée Jacquemart-André

A grand mansion turned into the house of impressive artwork and art pieces, the Musée Jacquemart Andre is among the popular museums in Paris. The mansion itself is a greatexample of 19th century architecture, and houses paintings by Italian artists like Uccello,Carpaccio, and Mantegna. It also has a stunning tearoom that boasts the confidence and trustof the art lovers as a place to enjoy tea and discuss the art on display. It also housesRembrandts and Tiepolo frescos in addition to the fine paintings.

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Quai Branly Museum

A picturesque treat from both the inside and outside, Quai Branly Museum is one of the most popularand wonderful Paris Museums. The collections that decorate the interior of the museum arethe major reason to visit this place nestled just a short walk along the Seine from the iconicEiffel Tower. The vast collection includes non-European art and culture, with separate spacededicated to art from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. The collection includes famous pieceslike a 10th century anthropomorphic Dogon statue, Aztec statues, rare frescos from Ethiopiaand Vietnamese costumes among other things.

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Musée de Cluny

The Musée de Cluny is the National museum for medieval era artwork and pieces, housing thebeautiful Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry cycle. It is also home to many important medievalsculpture pieces and enamel work collections. The museum is also an active venue to medievaltheme concerts that pay homage to the artwork and culture of that era. A beautiful example ofGothic architecture itself, the building of the museum is also toured for its design, in addition tothe artwork it houses.

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Musée Marmottan Monet

This Musée Marmottan Monet museum that houses the largest collection of his work isadmired by the lovers of impressionists. One of the largest collections of the brilliant artistMonet among the Paris museums, most of the artwork was donated by his son in 1966 to themuseum. This includes his works, sketchbooks, palettes and even photos. Other artists thathave their art on display in the museum are Manet, Renoir, Caillebotte, and Gauguin.

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Musée Carnavalet

Musée Carnavalet is more than just a place to explore art, but instead a venue that is hometo the history of Paris and its development from pre Roman times to the 20th century. As oneof the best museums to visit in Paris this is divided into 140 chronological rooms that put ondisplay the various renowned art styles throughout history. From the work of Clouet from the Renaissance, to pictures related to wars of religion and the politics and bloodshed of the 16thcentury - the museum is home to history and cultural transformation of the French capital.

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FAQ's about Paris Museums

What are the types of museums in Paris?

The museums in Paris are divided into 3 major categories depending on their ownership,history and working. These 3 types of museums are national, municipal and private museumswhich include many popular tourist attractions of the French capital.

Which are the best museums to visit in Paris?

Some of the best Paris Museums to explore during the visit to this French city are Musée duLouvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Musée de L'orangerie, Rodin Museum and MuséePicasso .

Where is the famous museum in Paris is located?

The Louvre comes on top of the list of famous museums in the French capital. This populartourist attraction and beauty is situated right on the bank of the river Seine. The Mona Lisa isalso nestled within the artistic walls of the Louvre museum. Visitors can choose to walk fromthe iconic Eiffel Tower to the famous museum and visit both tourist attractions in one day.

What museum is the Mona Lisa in?

The Mona Lisa is nestled within the artistic walls of the famous Paris museum, The Louvre. Thisfamous painting by Da Vinci is one of the major reasons that the Louvre is on the top ofmuseums to visit in Paris.

What is the most elegant museum in Paris?

The Louvre is the most elegant and well known museum for visitors to explore in Paris. Themuseum is home to the iconic painting Mona Lisa in addition to the Venus de Milo, Freedomleading the people and other well known artworks.



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