Day Trips From Paris

Day Trips From Paris Overview

Day Trips from Paris have been nothing less than magical, with numerous options to consider and explore, out of which one day trips packages from Paris have been quite famous. Paris Versaillees, Giverny, Normandy, Bruges are a couple of areas that are mostly considered for one day Paris trips among the plenty of other options available. All these destinations are reachable in 3-4 hours time.

Public transport facilities including trains , buses and cars are available throughout the Paris city for commuting. Day trips from Paris include monumental places worth capturing and experiencing. One day trips from Paris offer you the luxury to witness the beauty of the countryside, and the charming villages along with architectural extravaganza topped with cultural and artistic brilliance.

Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris to Versailles

Palace of Versailles lets you explore the gorgeous architecture and sprawling gardens combined with art and rich culture. The Versailles Fountains are a show-stealer without a doubt. Estate of Trianon and Garden of Versailles are nothing less than a promising visual treat for and once in a lifetime experience. From Paris, it takes around 40 minutes to reach the Palace of Versailles, and it is 20 kms in distance. November to March is suggested as the best time to visit this historically important monument to witness its beauty at its defined glory.

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Paris to Giverny

Giverny has got the best countryside experience in store for you as a part of day trips from Paris. Get to visit the famous French Painter Claude Monet's private home and stroll through his private gardens and witness the epitome of art at his residence. The trip takes around 80 minutes, and Giverny is about 75 km from Paris. Easy mode of commute would be to take a train from Paris to Vernon-Giverny, and from there bus or taxi as per your convenience. May to September are the ideal months to visit Giverny.

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Paris to Normandy

The iconic castles and beaches of Normandy are an experience worth exploring. A tour to Musée des Beaux-Arts, the museum dedicated to fine art and strolling around the French countryside is a priceless memory.

The journey from Paris to Normandy will take around 3 hours and 30 minutes as it is 222 km away from Paris. Paris to Normandy day trips are well supported by both trains and Buses, with May to mid-October considered the best season to visit.

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Paris to Bruges

This UNESCO world heritage site of Belgium is famous for its progressive architecture, narrow streets, and old-charming ambiance. Boat tour in the canals, visiting the Belfry of Bruges, and munching on some amazing chocolates are perks of visiting Bruges. 297 km away from Paris, it is a 3.5-hour journey to Bruges. Both private buses and trains are available for transportation and June-to -August are the ideal months for visiting the place.

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Paris to Loire Valley

Loire Valley had always been famous for being home to 300 majestic castles and their spectacular architecture. With lush and green vineyards and a gorgeous garden to stroll upon, get to sip on some of the top-class wines too. Château du Clos Lucé, Château de Chenonceau & Château de Chambord are other popular attractions in the region. Loire Valley is 200 km away from Paris it will take around 2 hours to reach the destination both by bus and train. April to June and September and October are the ideal months to visit these castles.

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Paris to Mont Saint Michel

The architecture, the countryside, and everything associated with Mont Saint Michel is amazing and worth visiting. Apart from this The abbey’s church, the ramparts, and the village are other major attractions. Mont Saint Michel Bay & Mont Saint Michel Abbey are popular too. Located 360 km away from Paris, it will take around 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach by train and bus. April to June, September and October are the best seasons to visit Mont St.Michel.

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Paris to Reims

Reim is often addressed as the Coronation City and is indeed an important witness in the making of French City. Reims Cathedral, Palais du Tau, and the Abbey of Saint Rémi are popular attractions of Reim. Situated 144kms away from Paris, it will take around 2 hours and 40 minutes for travelling. Both bus and train are pocket-friendly options for reaching the destination from Paris.

Paris to Champagne

Get to witness the birthplace of the delicious drink Champagne and sip in some real authentic Champagne from its native. Explore Champagne cellars from world-famous brands like Moet, Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and more. August to late September and October are considered the best time to visit. Located 122 km apart, it will take around 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach both by Bus and Train. Travelling by car is another great option for the serene long roads and cool climate.

Paris to Disneyland

Disneyland is one among the biggest attractions in Europe, a day trip to Disneyland assures fun and excitement irrespective of the age group. From Paris, to reach Disneyland Paris will take around 50 minutes as it's 43km away. The best suggested time to visit is March to August. Walt Disney Paris and theme parks have been famous worldwide and it has got several modes of transportation facilities.

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Tips And Hacks For Day Trips From Paris

  • Pre-book your monumental visits.
  • Check in online at palaces for a hassle-free experience.
  • Explore off-beat paths to witness spectacular views with a fewer crowd.
  • Opt for trains from Paris for commuting, they assure an amazing experience and are cost-efficient.
  • Hog on street foods to savour the best and most authentic flavours.

FAQ's About Day Trips From Paris

What are the best day trips from Paris?

Paris Day trips are undeniably amazing and there are quite a few with promising experiences. Paris to Normandy, Paris to Loire Valley, Paris to Mont Saint Michel, and Paris to Champagne are few among the plenty of best day trips to Paris.

What is the best day trip from Paris with your family?

Paris is yet another amazing place to visit with your family. Big Bus Hop-on-Hop Off Tour, Seine River Hop-on-Hop off sightseeing cruise, a drive to Eiffel tower, a trip to Burges, and a trip to Giverny are some of the best and most celebrated day trips from Paris with family.

What can kids do outside of Paris?

A visit to Disneyland, Parc Asterix, Hippodrome de Vincennes, a Dinner show at the Moulin Rouge, Aquaboulevard Water Park, City Highlights Segway Tour, and Perfume creation workshops are few among the plenty of things available for the children to explore.

What are the shortest day trips from Paris?

Paris to Versailles, Paris to Giverny, Paris to Normandy, Paris to Bruges, Paris to Loire Valley, and Paris to Reims are a couple of the shortest best day trips from Paris.

What is the best time to take day trips from Paris?

The summer season is the best time for taking day trips from Paris for its pleasant weather and transport facilities and open stores are available in abundance.

What is the best castle near Paris?

Palace of Fontainebleau, Château de Chantilly, Château de Monte-Cristo, Château de Vincennes, Château de Breteuil, Château de Pierrefonds and Palace of Versailles are the seven most beautiful and famous castles near Paris. They are ideal locations for a one day trip from Paris.

When is the best time to visit Paris?



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