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Cluny Museum Tickets highlights

  • Visit the Cluny Museum to view the magnificent mediaeval artwork and displays from the historic baths

  • Browse the museum's amazing art galleries, learn about its fascinating history, and take in its beautiful architecture

  • Discover the museum's beautiful 23,000 antique collection of ancient arts and try to understand the rich past engraved to it

  • View the magnificent Gallo-Roman Baths, the greatest ancient ruins, in the museum's huge vaulted area known as the Frigidarium


Cluny Museum - National Museum of the Middle Ages
28 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris, France

Cluny Museum Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 30 days before the date of travel then 25.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 1 days to 30 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Cluny Museum Tickets overview

Activity Location: 28 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris, France

Operational Hours:

  • Tuesday - Sunday: 09:30 AM - 06:15 PM
  • Monday: Closed

Activity Duration: 2 Hours

About the Cluny Museum, Paris:

Gain some insights into the history of medieval art while exploring this famous museum in Paris. Explore the grand halls and galleries and marvel at the remarkable artifacts & masterpieces dating from the 15th century. See the extensive collection of sculptures, manuscripts, stained glass, & jewelry while strolling through the various exhibits. Be amazed by the amazing architecture as you marvel at the Gallo-Roman baths & beautiful medieval garden. Book tickets for the Cluny Museum and get to know about the rich past of the city while watching 23,000 antique artworks.

About the Cluny Museum Tickets:

  • Visit the museum of medieval art and see the extensive collection of amazing artworks of medieval civilization.
  • Explore the enchanting galleries and marvel at more than 23,000 magnificent objects, including the Golden Rose, Adam, Fighting Treatise, The Queen of Sheba, and more.
  • Gain some insights into the artworks from the Gallo-Roman era to the sixteenth century while strolling through each gallery. 
  • Visit the largest prehistoric ruins in northern Europe, the Gallo-Roman Thermes de Cluny spread over 6,000 m² of area, and see the largest public baths.
  • Head towards the Frigidarium, a cold room, and be amazed by the grandeur of the Gallo-Roman baths.
  • Admire the museum's amazing architecture and know about its creation's history as you explore various areas.
  • Book Cluny Museum Tickets and enhance your knowledge about the important pieces from antiquity to the Renaissance period.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The meeting location is 1.7 km away from the Paris city center. You can reach the location in 7 minutes by car. 
  • By Metro: The meeting location is 190 m away from the Cluny - la Sorbonne. You can reach the location from the station in a 2-minute walk.

Cluny Museum Tickets faqs

Where is the Cluny Museum located in Paris?

Cluny Museum is located in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris. It is bordered by Samuel-Paty Square in the south, Boulevard Saint-Michel in the west, Boulevard Saint-Germain in the north and Rue Saint-Jacques in the east. Its location is: 28 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris, France

Why is the Musee Cluny famous?

The Musee Cluny, also known as the National Museum of the Middle Ages, is famous for its vast collection of over 23,000 mediaeval art pieces, making it a pivotal destination for art lovers. Housing intricate sculptures, exquisite stained glass, valuable manuscripts, and stunning jewellery from the 15th century, the museum provides a unique window into the past. It's an architectural marvel in itself, boasting Gallo-Roman baths and a charming mediaeval garden.

Among the star attractions are the Gallo-Roman Thermes de Cluny, the largest prehistoric ruins in northern Europe, and remarkable objects like the Golden Rose and The Queen of Sheba. By exploring the Cluny Museum, you immerse yourself in a rich historical journey from antiquity to the Renaissance period, gaining deep insights into mediaeval civilization.

What is in the Cluny Museum?

The Cluny Museum in Paris houses a stunning collection of mediaeval art, with over 23,000 objects that span from the Gallo-Roman era to the sixteenth century. These artefacts include a vast array of sculptures, manuscripts, stained glass, and jewellery. Notable masterpieces include the Golden Rose, Adam, Fighting Treatise, and The Queen of Sheba.

Additionally, you can use your Cluny Museum Paris tickets to see the exhibits of the famed Lady, Unicorn tapestries and the Altar from Basel Cathedral. The architecture of the museum itself is breathtaking, featuring the Gallo-Roman Thermes de Cluny, the largest prehistoric ruins in northern Europe. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions, adding a dynamic element to its offerings.

Where can I purchase Cluny Museum tickets in Paris?

You can conveniently purchase the Cluny Museum Paris tickets online from our website. This method of booking offers several enchanting discounts along with an assured admission to the museum ahead of time. Moreover, you can plan your visit in advance, setting your itinerary at your own pace.

It also saves you from long queues at the ticket counter, providing you with more time to immerse yourself in the museum's exhibits. Additionally, purchasing Cluny Museum tickets, Paris online often offers an option to opt for a guided tour or additional perks that might not be available on-site.

What is the cost of admission for Cluny Museum?

The cost of the Cluny Museum tickets, Paris ranges between €15 to 20 per person. It is important to note that admission to the museum is free for those under 18 years of age.

Are there any discounts available for Cluny Museum tickets?

Yes, there are several discounts available for Cluny Museum tickets, Paris. These tickets are particularly available for certain categories, like students, seniors and large groups. You can also avail of discounts with guided tours or workshops and travel vouchers. Additionally, the best way to save money on the tickets is by buying them online, which not only ensures you might find a better deal but also locks in your access to the museum, especially during peak tourist season.

Can I buy Cluny Museum tickets online in advance?

Yes, you can buy Cluny Museum tickets, Paris online in advance. This provides you with the convenience of planning your visit ahead of time. It also helps you avoid potentially long lines at the ticket office, saving you time.

Are there any guided tours available at Cluny Museum?

No, there are no guided tours available with our Cluny Museum Paris tickets. However, you can explore the museum at your own pace and knowledge, which will allow you to discover the many facets of the museum's collection.

What are the opening hours of Cluny Museum?


The Cluny Museum is open for visits between 09:30 a.m. to 06:15 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. You can purchase the Cluny Museum tickets, Paris from the ticket office at 05:30 p.m., after which it closes for the day.

Is the Cluny Museum closed on any specific days of the week?

Yes, Cluny Museum is closed for visits on Mondays.

How long does it typically take to visit the Cluny Museum?

An immersive exploration of Cluny Museum typically takes about two to three hours. During this duration, you can appreciate the wealth of historical artefacts and exhibitions. However, the time can vary depending on personal interests and the pace of exploration. A longer stay means soaking in more of the museum's rich mediaeval history.

Are there any restrictions on photography inside the Cluny Museum?

There are no specific restrictions on photography inside Cluny Museum. However, it is important to remember that you must avoid using flash photography while you are here, since that may disrupt the experience of other visitors.

Are there any restaurants or cafes inside the Cluny Museum?

Yes, there is a café inside the Cluny Museum. You can head to Café des Amis during your visit and indulge in some snacks and refreshments while you are here. Additionally, there are several dining establishments located close to the museum, where you can enjoy a light snack, refreshment or even a full meal after your visit.

Can I bring food and drinks into the Cluny Museum?

While you can bring food and drinks into the Cluny Museum, it is best to avoid bringing the same during the visit. This helps to preserve the exhibits and displays inside the museum, while also maintaining cleanliness. You can instead enjoy meals and refreshments at the onsite café, or head to one of the nearby cafes and restaurants.

Is Cluny Museum accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, Cluny Museum is accessible for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. In addition to offering folding seats and wheelchairs at the reception area, the museum also offers Acceo devices for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Can I bring my pet inside the Cluny Museum?

No, you cannot bring your pet inside the Cluny Museum.

How can I reach Cluny Museum using public transportation?

  • By Metro: You can take the Metro Line 10 to the Cluny-La Sorbonne Station, which is located 300 metres from the Museum. From here, you can take a 2 to 5-minute walk and easily reach the attraction.
  • By Bus: You can also avail a ride on Bus Line 47, and get off at the Cluny-La Sorbonne Bus Stop, which is 1.3 kilometres away from the attraction. From the bus stop, you can walk for 7 to 10 minutes and reach the Museum.
  • By RER: Take the RER Line B and get off at Luxembourg Station, which is located 800 metres away from the museum. From the station, a short 10-minute walk can help you reach Cluny Museum.
  • By Train: Avail of a ride on a train to the Saint Michel-Notre Dame Station, which is just 500 metres, or a 5-minute walk away from the museum.


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