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Lido, The Venue

Lido, The Venue is a legendary venue located on the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris. It is a front runner in producing world-class cabarets and welcomes you for a spectacular night of glamor and glitter. The mesmerizing sets, glittering chandelier in the foyer, and impressive seating area will transport you into a fairy-tale world.

Franco Dragone

By taking Paris' beauty as his muse, Franco Dragone has designed Lido' Paris Merveilles' show. He is also the man behind Celine Dion's "A New Day" and Mystère by Cirque du Solei's show in Las Vegas. Franco Dragone has used the best of technological prowess, eye-popping lighting and feathers and can cans to create a larger than life effect during the show.

The Bluebell Girls

The Bluebell Girls set the Lido de Paris Cabaret Paris stage ablaze every night and impress the audience with their sophistication and sensuality. For almost 70 years, they have entranced the audience with their spectacular dance and amazing performances. They are the brainchild of visionary Irish woman Margaret Kelly, who created her own band of dancers in Paris at the age of 22.

The Dance & Choreography

The Lido de Paris Cabaret Paris show features fascinating acrobats and phenomenal dance performances in almost fifteen scenes. Watch the Bluebell Girls kick up their heels onstage to the amazing music. The Lido de Paris Cabaret Show also features some of the best vaudeville acts, like acrobats, jugglers, and illusionists. All the spectacular performances are accompanied by special effects like the use of water.

History of Lido De Paris Cabaret Show

Lido de Paris was founded by Louis and Joseph Clérico, and soon, it became an integral part of Parisian nightlife. It was opened on June 20, 1946, but was preceded in the 1920s by an artificial beach, running as a casino/nightclub in the late night hours. In 1955, the Clérico brothers brought the Lido to Stardust Las Vegas and started decorating the new venue in Venetian luxury. This began attracting dancers and popular talents from all over the globe, owing part of its success to Irish Margaret Kelly and her troupe of Bluebell Girls.

The Bluebell Girls soon became a sensation with their extravagant costumes and sensual moves. Le Lido's Stardust edition closed in 1992 and moved to the Champs-Élysées to accommodate a growing number of patrons appreciating the amazing concept of the dinner-dance show. The Lido features a descending platform, a panoramic stage, and a lowering portion for an improved view. In 2006, Sodexo, a renowned food service company, purchased Le Lido. It has invested twenty-four million euros in developing its current show. Since its creation in 1946, the Lido has created twenty-seven variety shows, houses two performances daily, and has featured over ten thousand dancers.

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Plan Your Visit To Lido De Paris Cabaret Show

Essential Information
How to Reach

1. Address: 116 bis Avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris

2. Opening Hours

  • Lido de Paris houses two cabaret performances daily.
  • The first show starts at 9:00 PM and ends at 11:00 PM, and the second show starts at 11:00 PM and ends at 1:00 AM.

3. Dress Code

  • Try to wear fancier clothes like evening gowns and dresses. Men can wear a suit, tie, or a shirt with a bow.
  • Classic jeans, jogging pants, sandals, and city shoes are allowed, but they won't suit the aura of the event.
  • You will not be allowed entry in beachwear, sportswear, and tank tops.

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  • By Metro:

You can take line 1, 6, 2 from Charles de Gaulle metro station and get down at Étoile. From here Le Lido is around 550m away. You can either walk or book a cab to reach Le Lido.

  • By Bus

A direct bus departs from Musée d'Orsay and drops you at George V. The journey will take approximately 15 min. From George V Le Lido is at a walkable distance.

  • By Car

The paid parking lot at Av. des Champs-Élysées is the nearest to Le Lido. Le Lido is around 250m away from Av. des Champs-Élysées parking lot.

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Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets

Book the Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets and enjoy a glittery spectacle of beautiful costumes, incredible acrobatics, and dancing. By buying the Lido de Paris tickets you’ll get to witness one of the city's most famous cabarets that has been operating for seventy-five years. Book your spot now and enjoy sophisticated set design, enthralling dance and music, and sparkling costumes from the glamorous Bluebell girls. The best thing is that you get the option to book a dinner show, afternoon show or champagne and show as per your convenience. The Afternoon show ticket gives you a chance to shake your legs on the iconic Lido dance floor! By booking the champanage and show you can sip on champagne while enjoying a night of Paris finest entertainment! So book the Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets now to enjoy a night full of glitz, glam, and endless entertainment.

FAQ's of Lido De Paris Cabaret Show

Where can I buy Lido de Paris Cabaret Show tickets?

You can book Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets online through our website.

Is the Lido show worth watching?

Yes, the Lido de Paris Cabaret Show is worth watching as it offers the perfect combination of glitz, glamor, and entertainment. While watching the show, you'll be bewitched by the Bluebell Girls adorned with brightly colored feathers and sparkles. Between the main numbers are illusionists, jugglers, figure-skaters, and acrobats who'll amaze you with their unique talent. So book the Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets to experience the best of the Parisian nightlife.

Which Paris cabaret is best?

Lido de Paris Cabaret Show is the best Paris cabaret as it features graceful choreographies, excellent technical prowess, and fascinating artists. Stay in awe as you see the Bluebell Girls dressed in feathers and sparkling with colorful lights. The latest show Paris Merveilles includes a water stage unique to Parisian cabaret shows!

What do you wear to a Lido show?

Wear fancy clothes like dresses and evening gowns to a Lido Show. Men can wear a suit, tie, and shoes. Avoid wearing sportswear, tank tops, city shoes, and jogging pants to a Lido Show.

Are Lido de Paris Cabaret Show tickets available online?

Yes, you can book Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets online through our website.

Do I need to book Lido de Paris Cabaret Show tickets in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to book Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets in advance as this is a highly raved show, and the spots are often full. Booking the Lido de Paris Cabaret Show Tickets in advance will guarantee your spot at your desired time and date.



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