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Historically and architecturally brilliant Hotel de la Marine Paris Museum, located in place de la Concorde in Paris is nothing short of an experience of knowing the history and closely observing the chapters of movements and revolutions. Originally home to Royal Garde Mobile, a repository where all Royal furniture and other articles were safely stored, Hotel de la Marina Paris Museum later became the headquarters for the French Army as an aftermath of the French Revolution.

The construction period of the Hotel de la Marine Paris ranges from 1757-1774, completely designed and built under the guidance and rule of Architect Ange Jacques Gabriel. Up until 2015, Hotel de la Marine served as the ministry to the French Navy, and it now displays fragments and elements of the 18th century showcasing the historical importance and reference to the same. A whole separate section has been devoted to displaying the international and intercultural works of art from Sheik Hamam Bin Abdullah Al Thani under the banner name Al Thani collections. The front-facing square of the Hotel de la Marine was inspired by the design of the grand classical style of Louvre Palace.

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Things To See Inside Hotel De La Marine


The facade of hotel de la Marine was always noted for its grand front-facing classical square, which upon research was found that the design was inspired from the classical style of Louvre Palace. The exterior is completely decorated with sculpted medallions, and guerlands adding to the beauty and charm of the building in three dimensional aspects.

Triangular Frontons and Corinthian columns balance the extremely long front-end. Jacques German Soufflot, the deputy junior of the project architect Ange Jacques Gabriel was in charge of all the detailing and artwork that made Hotel de la Marine stand out. The ceilings of the exterior space of the hotel de la Marine also portrayed monograms of the rulers, which was unfortunately smashed during the French Revolution. Sculpted octagonal medallions on the ceiling of the logia in the exterior space represented the benefits and the weath the rulers of the region brought to the nation.

Courtyard of the Intendant

The entrance point for visitors has a new glass skylight, an original element taken care during renovation. Architect Hugh Dutton created the framework with V-shaped ribs made from polished stainless steel which imparted a mirror effect. This mirror effect created with stainless steel helped in reflecting and directing the sunlight to optimal direction. The heavy roof gave a covering of heavy lighting, elevating the entire setting of the Courtyard of the Intendant. The diffusion of light caused by this brilliant phenomenon executed into action with architectural intelligence almost gave out the effects created by the crystals of the chandelier.

Apartments of the Intendant

East side of the first floor of the hotel de la Marine was largely occupied by the office and apartments of the Intendant of the Garde-Meuble. The area comprises reception room, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms for the intendants and their family. During restoration work around 18 layers of paint were removed to spot the original decor. All the rooms and apartments of the intendant were lavishly furnished with paintings and sculptures. The floor was adorned with multicoloured marquetry. Classical Louis XVI style bathing rooms, floral motifs and furniture were included in the apartment of the intendant. The rooms depicted nothing less than a rich culture, and art and the walls spoke of the history of the region through their artworks and architectural style.

Salons of the Navy (1793-2015)

As the French Navy took the complete charge of Hotel de la Marine after the French Revolution. Few rooms in the front end facing the Palace de la Concorde were converted to salons for naval base people functions. Salon d'Honneur and the Salon des Amiraux were the two principal rooms that got transformed and continued to serve the purpose. The walls, doorways, ceilings and everything else was beautifully ornate and decorated with mirrors, sculptures, rich stones and more. In the 19th century, these rooms were found to use for non-naval events too.

Art, Decoration, Restoration

Hotel de le Marina of Paris is an absolute depiction of rich heritage and culture running back to ages with multiple and enormous elements and objects portraying the same. Hotel de la Marine was home to a numerous culturally rich paintings, sculptures, tapestries, chandeliers, furnitures, other art works and more representing both the 18th and 19th century. The restoration project for hotel de la Marine was massive and of big costing for retaining its artistic and cultural richness to perfection. A lot many curated pieces can now be found in th Palace of Versailles and Elysees Palace. From the exterior space to the deepest interior, the palace is covered and adorned with intricate art work.

The Al Thani Collection

Al Thani collection refers to a group of objects with artistic and cultural importance brought from around the world and well curated by Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, from the Royal family of Qatar. The collection of Al Thani displays one hundred twenty works at a time and the actual number of art pieced in the reservoiry countrs to five thousand pieces, collected from across the globe. Unti 2021, Hotel de la Marine was the venue for this exhibition. A marble bust of the Roman emperor Hadrian was one of the most notable object in the exhibition which was later moved to Venice to set it upon the armor shoulders made of gilded enamel, stones and pearls.

History of Hotel De La Marine

  • The construction period of Hotel de la Marine Paris Museum runs back to the 1770s, the ruling period of King Louis XV. In the initial years of its functioning,it was indeed the institution to supply and maintain the furniture for the royal residences. This architecturally sound building was then referred to as "Garde-Meuble de la Couronne".Along with furniture, the institution was also a storehouse for numerous weapons, crown diamonds, and fabrics. Hotel de la Marine was also a workplace for skilled craftsmen and upholstery workers to produce top-class chairs, beds, sofas, and more.

  • The aftermath of the French Revolution witnessed in the early 1800s brought in a significant change to the condition of this museum cum palace. The name Hotel de la Marine Paris was given to the building after the institution became the headquarters of the French Army. For about 226 years, the French Navy Ministry was based in this palace, and recently in 2015, the officials left the place. Followed by 4-year renovation work, now the Hotel de la Marine Paris is open for the public to visit and explore.

Plan Your Visit to Hotel De La Marine Museum

Essential Information
How to Reach
  • Timings

Witnessing the Hotel De La Marine Paris museum beauty is nothing shorter than an experience. Hotel de la Marine will be open on all days except on 1st January, 1st May and 25th December of every year. The museum is open from 10:30 in the morning till 9:30 at night, although the ticket counter gets closed by 8:45 pm. However, it's best advised to visit early in the morning for fewer rush hours and view everything in daylight.

  • Best Time to Visit

Early morning hours, and late during the closing hours at night are suggested as the best time to visit the Hotel de la Marine Paris Museum. Visiting in the morning also has an added perk of viewing everything in the daylight.

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There are three ways to get to travel to this 18th-century refurbished apartment from Paris. Hotel de la Marina can be visited by using any of the following modes of transport from Paris Central, car, bus, and taxi.

  • By Metro

If commuting by Metro, you can board lines 1, 8, and 12 to get down at the Concorde Station.

  • By Bus

If commuting by bus, you can take bus lines 42, 45, 84, and 94 to the Concorde Royal Stop, or bus lines 52, 72, and 73 to the Concorde stop to reach Hotel de la Marina Paris museum.

  • By Car

If you choose to commute by a car, keep in mind that the car parking facilities are not available at the Hotel de la Marina Paris museum, however, you can find public car parks around the museum.

  • Hotel de la Marine is accessible to everyone on all days.

  • The tickets can be booked online priorly, which indeed helps save a lot of time by avoiding long queues.

  • Special considerations are given to the specially abled people on the submission of the demanded documents for the verification process.

FAQ's of Hotel De La Marine Museum

Why is the Hotel de la Marine Museum famous?

This Hotel de la Marine Paris museum plays a prominent role in the history of France. From being the Royal furniture storehouse to later being the headquarters for the French Army, and now exhibiting the artworks and cultures, the museum is a witness to an extensive history.

Is Hotel de la Marine Museum worth visiting?

Hotel de la Marine is worth visiting for numerous reasons. The place is going to be a knowledge bookhouse for all the historical and architectural enthusiasts. Apart from that, the building holds cultural and historical significance, portraying stories from the past with a strong connection to the present.

How long does it take to visit the Hotel de la Marine Museum?

A full and thorough visit to the museum takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Students of architecture and archaeology departments have been found to spend even more inside the museum for research and learning purposes.

What is the best time to visit the Hotel de la Marine Museum?

Early morning hours and late evening hours are best noted for visiting the Hotel de la Marine museum Paris for a smaller crowd. It is suggested to book the tickets online to avoid long queues and save time.



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