Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower | The Symbol of The City Paris

Built between the years 1887 and 1889, Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments and holds a special place on the list of seven wonders of the world. This iconic historical building boasts a rich architecture and design, made entirely out of wrought iron. The 330 metres tall tower covers vast grounds and gardens at its base, and was designed by the famous designer Gustave Eiffel for a temporary basis. The Eiffel tower is divided into different entrances, and consists of two different floors in addition to the famous summit that provides breathtaking views of the city.

Even today, the wonderful design and brilliant architecture attracts thousands of visitors to its rustic charm as a popular tourist attraction. The ground or the Esplanade is housing many amazing lush gardens and restaurants which serve some of the best Parisian food that visitors will enjoy during the visit. They can also enjoy the view of the entire tower and taste love in the air as they spend time in the midst of the beautiful landscape that provides a calming joy. On the first floor visitors are greeted by charming details, amazing glass flooring and various delectable restaurants to enjoy local flavours at.

Visitors can spend their time by enjoying delectable dishes, the aromatic flavours and the beauty of this floor. The second floor also has some great dining options that guests can enjoy while catching a great view of the River Seine and the surrounding landscapes. However , the highlight of the visit is the top floor - The summit, which happens to be one of the highest viewpoints of the European continent. The view that the summit provides of the entire city and its gorgeous structures is second to none.

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Know Before You Go To Eiffel Tower

Essential Information
How to Reach

1. Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France

2. Opening Hours:

For visitors with tickets with access to the Elevators:- From 7th May to 17th June the tower is open from 09:00 AM to 11:45 PM, last ascent at 11 PM. - Rest of the year the Eiffel Tower Tour is available between 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM.

For visitors with tickets with access only to stairs:- For the Eiffel Tower Tour by stair between 7th May to 17th June, access is available between 09:00 AM to 10:45 AM.- For the rest of the year, stair access is available between 09:30 AM to 11:45 PM.

3. Best Time to Visit

The months of October through March are the ideal times to Book Eiffel Tower tours. Visitors can appreciate the well-known site in beautiful weather in Paris during these months when there are comparably fewer tourists. Although it is open all year round, if visitors don't mind crowds, they may want to go in the spring when the weather and surroundings are more pleasant.

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For visitors traveling to the tower, there are many modes of transport available depending on their hotel/ stay. Guests can choose from bus, car, metro, RER, or maybe even ride a bike on rent.

  • By Bus:

The Eiffel Tower is directly accessible by bus lines 82 and 42. Therefore visitors can catch the bus on one of these two routes to directly reach the iconic structure.

  • By Metro:

The Paris city metro is connected to the famous landmark by direct route lines 6,7, and 9. Visitors can take the metro on these lines to the metro station nearest to the famous tourist attraction.

  • By RER:

The Eiffel Tower is accessible by the RER Line C, which will be comfortable for the visitors.

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  • Elevators can be used to access the first and second floors for those who have physical limitations.
  • For visitors with disabilities who are visiting the historic site, there are separate, special restrooms.
  • The auditory induction loops have been specially designed for visitors with hearing impairment.
  • For the convenience of guests travelling with infants, the first and second floors of the tower are furnished with changing areas.

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  • For a hassle-free visit and partly because tickets for the Eiffel Tower sell out so rapidly, it is advised to Book Eiffel Tower tours in advance online.
  • While using the elevators may appear like a faster option from a time perspective, it is actually preferable to use the stairs because there are typically rather lengthy queues for the elevators.
  • Visitors should choose a guided tour with their Eiffel Tower Tickets if they want to understand more about the building's history, cultural significance, and interesting information.
  • It is recommended to schedule your trip between the months of October and March if you want to go at a less busy time of year.
  • It's preferable to book a seat in advance in one of the many restaurants if you really want to eat at the Eiffel Tower.
  • Before going, those who prefer not to attend guided tours can check the official app on their phones. On the app, visitors will discover all relevant audio-guides for the tours.
  • Due to the obvious vast crowds and delighted visitors, the historical site is a favoured target for thieves.

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Eiffel Tower Entrances

East and West Pillars

The East and West pillars of the Eiffel tower provide visitors entry to the second floor via lift instead of stairs. The entry of the pillars has two different coloured flags hoisted for the convenience of the visitors, which they will approach upon their entrance. Visitors who have already booked their Eiffel Tower tickets beforehand are allowed to continue directly towards the green flag near the pillars, which leads them to the tower entrance lift for the second floor. The yellow flag line is for those visitors who have not booked their tickets in advance and therefore have to stand in the queue at the venue for the same.

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South Pillars

Visitors who wish to enjoy the views and intrinsic details of the Eiffel tower as they climb up the stairs, will have to enter through the South pillars from the grounds. For the visitors to reach the second floor, they will have to climb exactly 674 stairs which will also allow them to get some extra time enjoying the interiors and architecture of the Eiffle tower. The visitors who have already purchased their Eiffel Tower tickets will enter the tower by the side of the blue flag hoisted on the South pillar entry. Those visitors who have not bought the tickets in advance will have to visit the ticket counter at the South pillar of the grounds.

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Eiffel Tower Levels

The Esplanade

The Easter is the only free level at the historical site and is situated at the base of the stunning Eiffel tower. The statue of Gustave Eiffel, the magnificent Gardens, the amazing restaurant and the gift shops are all open for visitors to explore and enjoy during their visit. The Easter is also the place where visitors will find the ticket office and the information centre of the historical landmark. The four pillars of north, South, east, and west are also situated on the grounds of this level. Visitors can take the elevator from the east or the west pillar and can access the stairs from the southside of the crown.

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1st Floor

The first floor of the Eiffel tower Paris can be accessed by either elevator or the stairs from the ground level. The Arabic glass flooring that is spread across the entire floor is one of the main highlights that visitors can enjoy on this level. They will also get to explore the delectable flavours of local cuisine at the many popular restaurants, watch a documentary or movie on a projector, shop for artistic service and maybe even enjoy a cultural shock while they are on the first floor. The 58 tour restaurant and La Bulle Parisienne are few of the places that guests will enjoy at this floor.

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2nd Floor

Guests will have to climb 674 stairs to reach the wonderful location on the Eiffel Tower Second Floor, so using an elevator will get visitors there more quickly. On the other hand, if visitors choose to ascend using the stairs, they will be met by stunning architectural features and artwork on their way. The second floor provides great views of the famous museum Louvre, another amazing sight and popular tourist attraction. In addition to this the visitors also get to enjoy the delectable flavours of French cuisine at the restaurant nestled on the second floors and shop from the retail stores near them. With Eiffel tower second floor tickets visit and explore the Eiffel tower sa it is home to the famous Michelin starred Jules Verne dining and an indoor buffet for the guests.

Eiffel Tower Summit

Nestled in the midst of the city of love above the two wonderful floors of the tower is one of the best view points of Paris. Use your Eiffel Tower Top Floor tickets to access the elevator as it takes visitors from the second floor to the summit. The summit is one of the highest observation decks in the entire continent of Europe, and as the top of the tower provides visitors with a magnificent view of the city of love. In addition to enjoying champagne from the Bar at the summit with a stunning view of the city of Paris, guests also have access to the office of the designer of the Eiffel Tower Paris. Visitors can learn about the process, explore the office of the creative mind that designed one of the seven wonders of the world - Gustave Eiffel.

Eiffel Tower Video

Explore Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, a Parisian treasure, beckons you to a world of enchantment and history. This iconic landmark, designed by Gustave Eiffel and completed in 1889, offers a breathtaking ascent to its observation decks, where sweeping views of the City of Light await. As you stand atop this 324-meter marvel, you'll witness the romance and grandeur of Paris in all its splendor. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of architecture, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, the Eiffel Tower is a must-visit destination that promises to leave you in awe.

Things to do at Eiffel Tower

Even though taking a tour of the "Tower of Love" is a lovely way to spend the day, there are lots of other fantastic things to do near Eiffel Tower. There is plenty for everyone, from touring its different levels to observing the expansive cityscape at its best from the peak of Eiffel Tower Paris. Visit one of its many restaurants to sample the mouthwatering cuisine, or take a Seine cruise to admire the skyscraper in all its splendour.

Fancy night on the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a magnificent tourist attraction that many people want to experience firsthand. At night, it is lit up by 20,000 bulbs. The comfortable dining area of Eiffel Tower Restaurants makes eating out together with your loved ones even more delightful. With Eiffel tower at night tickets, at the summit of the tower, in the Champagne Bar, guests can have a delightful cocktail while feeling as though you are thousands of feet above the ground. Visitors will never forget the magnificent view they saw from the tower's summit.

Enjoy your evening at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

A lovely way of spending time with friends and family is to have a picnic right at the base of the Tower. The tower is a popular destination for visitors in the spring, when they may enjoy their baked delights on the gorgeous gardens that surround it. Play with the kids, unwind, and observe the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower in Paris against the sunny backdrop of the city. Bring some cheese, wine, and a baguette to make the most of the leisure time. Enjoy the sight of the lights shining on this spectacular tower after taking in the most stunning sunset of your life in Paris.

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Have a boat cruise

Considering its connectivity to the river, taking a Seine River Cruise to see the Eiffel Tower from the Seine is a fantastic choice. The cruise circles the tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, bridges, and other significant structures as well as the islands. To put it another way, it is a wonderful idea to commit both time and money. Often, alluring discounts and tempting meal specials come with the boat cruises. Therefore, get the Eiffel tower tickets with Seine River Cruise and set out on a wonderful trip across Paris with your family.

Enjoy some of the best carousels in Paris

Though ascending and touring one of the world's most famous structures is a great way to enjoy the City of Love, this excursion may be made much more enjoyable by including the Carousel of the Eiffel Tower Paris. This unique clockwise-spinning carousel, known as Carousel XI, was gorgeously designed to resemble an antique ride from the early 1900s. The Eiffel tower provides the ideal backdrop for photographs as it stands in the distance. Families can enjoy delightful sweets and selections for entire meals at nearby kiosks while spending the afternoon in the open air in Paris.

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Experience the sunrise from Trocadéro

If visitors wish to see a spectacular sunrise in Paris, head to Trocadéro. This is a well-known location to see the sun rising over Paris because it lies across Seine from the Eiffel Tower. They will be welcomed by a relaxing environment as the sun comes up over the horizon and a beautiful display of colour as it covers the eastern horizon. Visitors can also savour the delicious flavours of just-brewed, sophisticated coffee at the café atop Trocadero once the sun rises.

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Climb the stairs and learn its history

Ascending the spiral staircase to the tower's summit is one of the most exciting things to do while visiting the Eiffel Tower. Visitors can spend their time wandering around each floor and admiring the magnificent architecture. They will also have more time after seeing all of the tower's floors if visitors choose to take the Eiffel Tower Stairs rather than stand in the huge queue for the elevator. Discover the history of one of the highest towers in the world as well as the many exhibits that are on display on the trail.

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Nearby Attractions of Eiffel Tower

Musée D'Orsay

Visit some of the best tourist destinations nearby to wrap up the Eiffel Tower tour. French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings are the highlight of the Musée d'Orsay collection, which is installed in Paris. The building that houses this museum is and has in many ways always been a piece of art within itself. Along with housing historical items like the Musée d'Orsay Clock, it serves as a location for movies, performances, and other experiences. So, book your Musée D'Orsay tickets in advance to enjoy your visit.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is a cultural hub for the city of Paris and a best nearby place to Eiffel Tower, displaying a wide range of exhibits and shows as well as providing walking tours and other special experiences. It also houses a museum, library, and art galleries. Working on promoting artwork, modern and contemporary art forms are the main focus of this place. The star highlight in this place is the Musée National d'Art Moderne, which hosts multiple exhibitions based on various themes and monographs every year.

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Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs are a great addition to the Eiffel tower tour, as they perfectly balance the romantic and dreamy experience of the city. A trip to the cemetery in Paris is not recommended if visitors are terrified of the dark. This location in the city's downtown was built to bury the dead of the city after Paris' cemeteries became filled. Wear sturdy shoes since the tunnels include rubble and are rocky at times.

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FAQ's of Eiffel Tower

How long does a visit take?

The time required to explore Eiffel Tower depends on exactly how and how much of the tower visitors plan to visit during their tour. It also is affected by what time they visit, as they might be greeted by a crowd of travelers and tourists. Visitors typically spend 1.5 hours on the first and second floor altogether, and the summit is worth spending around 2.5 hours to enjoy the views and explore the Bar, Gustave’s office, etc. The total time of the tour also depends on visitors taking the stairs or the elevators to travel between the floors.

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Why is the Eiffel Tower so famous?

The Eiffel Tower, also known as the "Tower of Love," is a representation of creative genius and exquisite structural design. Visitors will surely yearn for delectable French cuisine as a result of the restaurants' alluring aromas and tempting menus. Tourists who wish to experience the beautiful views from the top definitely visit this tower. Another breathtaking sight to capture on camera at night is the tower's shimmering appearance.

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What is there to see on the tower?

At the very top, there are numerous informational panels that provide details on the history of the building, its perseverance, important visitors, etc. There isn't much else to see on this floor besides the magnificent galleries to wander around and the stores, which are located on the second story where tourists can also find the finest views of the tower's architecture. Exhibits on the history of the Eiffel Tower, how it has been portrayed in movies, and comparisons with other famous structures across the world may be found on the first level, which underwent a significant refurbishment in 2011.

Can visits be made by people in wheelchairs?

Yes, wheelchair users are welcome to see the Eiffel Tower. However, in addition to the ground floor, only the first and second floors are accessible to those with disabilities. They are not permitted on the top floor concerning personal safety because they could be unable to make an escape in an emergency.

Is the Eiffel Tower free for babies?

Kids below the age of four are considered guests of the location and do not require separate Eiffel Tower tickets for entering the tower. They receive a free admission pass when they come to visit the stunning tower.

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Do Eiffel Tower tickets sell out?

Yes, more than often the Eiffel Tower tickets do sell out. Due to the landmark's widespread fame and high visitor volume, it is essential to make online reservations well in advance for a hassle-free visit.

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How long is the wait for Eiffel Tower tickets?

Typically, tourists must stand in a line for the Eiffel Tower Tickets for 2 to 3 hours. Hence, for a smooth trip, it is advisable to purchase the tickets online.



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