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Moulin Rouge

Book the Moulin Rouge Cabaret Paris show tickets to experience the best of the Parisian nightlife. Moulin Rouge is the world's most famous cabaret show that has revolutionized Paris's nightlife scene. Enjoy the Féerie Revue show that features eighty artists from all over the world, breathtaking acts, and a thousand costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins. During the show, you'll be enamored by the acts of award-winning acrobats, world-class jazz musicians, burlesque beauties, and fire breathers. The Doriss Girls Dancers are the soul and heart of the Féerie Revue show, and they bring to life moments of exception. You can also enjoy the evening dinner Cabaret Paris show, wherein all your senses will come alive to the show's rhythm, and the notes of the maestro's music will surround your ear. The VIP Dinner & Show option gives you the option of privileged seating with the amazing show right below the wings, welcome champagne, a personalized menu, and many other facilities.

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Crazy Horse

Get ready for an exuberance of surprises, talents, and breathtaking acts by booking the Crazy Horse Paris Cabaret tickets. Crazy Horse is a collection of world-class cabaret acts with sensational special effects and legendary choreography. It has bewitched audiences since 1951 and is the only cabaret in Paris that focuses entirely on femininity. The show contains ring acrobatics, choreographed dancers, and aerial skills. During the show, the extraordinarily talented artists represent the glamour, beauty, and Parisian party spirit and bring to life moments of wonderment. It has been visited by some of the most famous celebrities like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, and more. The Crazy Horse Cabaret Paris show has been choreographed by Ali Madhavi and Philippe Decouflé using the best of technology, lighting, and impressive decor. You can choose from three different showtimes and stay dazzled by the flamboyant costumes, glamorous dancers, and dramatic lighting displays.

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Lido De Paris

Book the Lido De Paris Cabaret Tickets and get ready to live to the beat of frenzied dancing and spectacular music. Lido De Paris has brought cabaret back to the center stage and is a name synonymous with high-class performance and decadence. It brings the wow factor to every night out with amazing acts, a non-stop flow of drinks, and larger-than-life sets. The current show at Lido De Paris has been designed by Franco Dragone, who is known for including a variety of acrobatics, magic, and theatrics in his show. The latest Lido Cabaret Paris show is performed in almost fifteen scenes, and the show also features vaudeville acts like acrobats, magicians, and jugglers. As the lights dim and the curtain goes up, The Bluebell Girls come on the stage to delight you with their amazing dance performance. This high-octane Lido Cabaret Paris show features death-defying aerialists, spectacular acrobatics, dancers, and magicians. Upgrade to the VIP option to enjoy champagne and dinner in a private box after the show.

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Experience Paris Cabaret

From the luxe venue of Lido to the velvet interior at Crazy Horse, the Paris Cabaret clubs are an important part of Parisian history. Enter any of the cabaret venues, and you will be transported into an era of luxury and glamour. Larger-than-life sets, Vegas-style glitz, world-class performances, beautiful costumes, and glitzy lighting- a cabaret experience is something you'll never forget.

Most cabarets offer show packages wherein you can indulge your appetites with fine wines, superbly executed dishes, and carefully crafted cocktails while feasting your senses with captivating performances. Dinner is usually served to the guests 2 hours before the Lido Cabaret Paris show. Each Cabaret Paris show has its own specialties and as the show begins, witness an explosion of sequins and feathers as the can-can girls take over the stage. With award-winning acrobats and drag artists, alongside jaw-dropping aerialists and classic burlesque, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Popular Paris Cabarets

Moulin Rouge

Every evening feathers, rhinestones, and sequins blow through the Moulin Rouge as the great revue show "Féerie" is performed on the stage. Discover a variety of entertaining acts during the show: from breathtaking feats combining thrills and strengths to virtuoso displays of precision and speed that will leave the audience with bated breath. During the Paris Cabaret show, the girls are dressed in beaded skimpy costumes while the guys wear colorful suits. The excellent choreography traces various historical periods, whirling you through the Egyptians to the Mayans to the 1940s. Everything is presented in a vibrant display of upbeat music and colorful costumes.

Crazy Horse

If you want to enjoy the most iconic acts of the Parisian cabaret, you won't find a place better than Crazy Horse. Under the artistic direction of Andrée Deissenberg, Totally Crazy showcases artistic femininity by putting flawless dancers into the spotlight. Its opening scenes showcase the girls dressed as Crazy Horse Guards in bearskin hats, pound sign stockings, and white gloves. The Crazy girls use their reflections to create beautiful geometric shapes with their bodies. Through beautiful lighting and silhouettes, the dancers create a sensual aura of mystique around them. Book the Crazy Horse Paris Cabaret tickets now to discover a new world of seduction and dancing.

Lido De Paris

Discover a world-class cabaret performance that will make you jump out of your seat in excitement at Lido De Paris. The Lido De Paris Paris Cabaret show is the perfect mix of circus, magic, French can-can, and cabaret. During the show, the legendary Lido Boys and Bluebell Girls will entertain you with their acrobatics, songs, and amazing dance performances. As you take your seat, get ready for a multi-sensory experience as the artists take you on a journey of wonder and amazement with their phenomenal acts. An evening at Lido De Paris on the Champs-Elysées is like entering a magical world full of glitter, flamboyancy, and sparkle.

Paradis Latin

Get ready to spend an evening of sensuality, charm, and magic by booking the Paradis Latin Paris Cabaret tickets. During your evening at Paradis Latin, you'll get a chance to attend the show "L'Oiseau Paradis," curated by one of the most famous choreographers, Kamel Ouali. The show includes singers, dancers, acrobatic performances, aerial acts, eye-popping lighting effects, and comedy to bring to life moments of wonderment and exception. The evening will wind up with a traditional can-can number that will keep the audience fully amazed.

Know Before You Go to Paris Cabarets

How to Reach
Rules & Regulations
Accessibility & Facilities

1. Moulin Rouge:At Moulin Rouge, you can enjoy two shows each night –11:00 PM and 9:00 PM.Dinner is served at 9:00 PM. Visitors must report half an hour before the start of the show.

2. Crazy Horse:At Crazy Horse, you can attend two shows every night from Friday to Sunday –8:30 PM (If dinner is chosen, then it will be served at 10.15 PM)11:00 PM (If dinner is chosen, it will be served at 8:30 PM)

The timings of the show change on Saturday –9:30 PM (If dinner is chosen, then it will be served at 11.15 PM)7:00 PM (If dinner is chosen, it will be served at 9:00 PM)11:45 PM (If dinner is chosen, it will be served at 9:30 PM)

3. Lido De Paris:Lido Show without dinner starts at 11: 00 PMLido Show with dinner starts at 9:00 PM (The dinner will start at 7:00 PM)

4. Paradis Latin:At Paradis Latin, you can enjoy one show each night at 9:30 PM (If dinner is chosen, then it will be served at 8:00 PM)

1. Moulin Rouge:

By Metro:You can take Line 2 of the Blanche station metro(nearest metro station to Moulin Rouge). From Blanche station metro, Moulin Rouge is at a walkable distance.

By Bus:Bus No 30,54 get off at Blanche. From Blanche you’ll have to walk for five minutes to reach Moulin Rouge.

By Private Car:Take the Boulevard de Clichy road and park your car at the Clichy Montmartre Car Park. Once you reach the car park show the tickets for a special tariff. Clichy Montmartre is around 300 meters from the Moulin Rouge. From Clichy Montmartre you can walk for around 5 minutes to reach Moulin Rouge.

2. Lido De Paris:

By Metro:Take Line 1 of the metro and get off at George V station. From here you’ll have to walk for around ten minutes to reach Lido De Paris.

By Bus:Bus No 42, 83, 93, 73 get off at Champs-Élysées Clemenceau which is the nearest bus stop to Lido De Paris. From here Lido De Paris is at a walkable distance.

By Car:Park your car at the George V Parking Lot on des Champs Elysées 64 Avenue. From here you can walk for around five minutes to reach Lido De Paris.

3. Paradis Latin:

By Metro:Take line 10 and get off at Cardinal Lemoine. From here Paradis Latin is at a walkable distance.

By Bus:You can take bus No 47 that will drop you at Cardinal Lemoine. From here Paradis Latin is at a walkable distance. You can also take bus No 67 that will drop you at the Institute of the Arab World. From here you can hire a taxi/cab to reach Paradis Latin.

By CarTake the Saint Germain Boulevard road and park your car at the Maubert-St car park at Saint Germain Boulevard. From here you’ll have to walk around four hundred meters to reach Paradis Latin.

4. Crazy Horse:

By Metro:Take line 9 of the metro and get off at Alma-Marceau station. From here Crazy Horse is at a walkable distance.

By Bus:Take bus No 72, 42, 92, 80, 63 and get off at Alma-Marceau. Alma-Marceau is the nearest bus station to Crazy Horse. From Alma-Marceau you’ll have to walk for around 5 minutes to reach Crazy House.

By Car:Take the Alma-George V road and park your car at the Alma-George V Parking lot. From here Crazy Horse is at a walkable distance.

Moulin Rouge:

  • You must be above 6 years to attend the show. The show involves a bit of nudity, so personal discretion is advised.
  • You must not take videos and photos of the show.
  • The seating chart is based on the accompaniments and type of ticket you have chosen before the show. They aren't allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the premises.
  • You can only carry small handbags, rucksacks, and laptop bags inside Lido de Paris. You can also find a paid cloakroom inside the premises.
  • Wear smart and elegant clothes while attending the show.

Crazy Horse:- Do not click photos or record videos during the show. You can hire a professional photographer to get your photos clicked.- If you need hearing assistance, download the ‘Sennheiser Mobile Connect’ app. You can then connect to the local WiFi to receive the audio to your hearing device or headphones.- Wear sensible clothes that match the occasion. You will not be allowed to enter the venue if you’re wearing casual and sporty clothing, including sneakers, shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts.- There is a cloakroom inside the venue where you can keep your small bags and other essentials.

Lido De Paris:- Anyone below the age of 6 years won’t be allowed to enter the venue. Since a few signs might not be suitable for kids, parental guidance is recommended. - You’re not allowed to bring outside food inside the venue.- You’ll have to report at least half an hour before the show starts.- The seats won’t be allotted on a first-come, first serve basis. You’ll have to sit on your designated seats only.- Lido De Paris won’t be responsible if any of your valuables are missing or lost. - You won’t be allowed to enter the venue if you’re wearing beachwear or casual clothes.

Paradis Latin:- The seating plan is made according to the date of booking and the offer purchased. The seats are assigned in advance and not on a first-come, first serve basis. The hall’s architecture ensures excellent visibility regardless of your seat. - You can keep your essentials at the cloakroom that is available for 2€ per item. - A proper dress code is needed to enjoy the show. Don’t wear beach wear or sportswear. - You’re not allowed to bring your pets inside the venue. - Dinner will be served before the show, so it is advisable to arrive at least one hour before the show begins.

Moulin Rouge:- A paid cloakroom is available on the premises.- Wheelchairs are also available for the specially abled.

Crazy Horse:- A cloakroom is available to keep your luggage.- Toilets and changing rooms are also available on site.

Lido De Paris:- A cloakroom is available at a fixed charge.- A parking lot, toilet, and changing room are available.

Paradis Latin:- Paradis Latin provides access for people with disabilities. - Specially adapted toilets are also available on the premises.

FAQ's about Paris Cabarets

Are Paris Cabaret shows worth visiting?

Yes, Cabaret shows in Paris are extremely worth visiting as they offer a multi-sensory experience with their amazing sets, top-notch performers, eye-popping lighting, and larger-than-life sets. These shows are known for their sultry ambiance and avant-garde performances. Each Cabaret Paris show has a unique element and they offer much more than an ordinary live show.

Where can I book Paris Cabaret tickets?

You can book Cabaret Paris show tickets through our website of the cabaret venue that you select.

Can I book Paris Cabaret tickets online?

Yes, you can book Cabaret Paris show tickets online from our website.

Which Paris Cabaret shows are popular?

Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse, Lido De Paris, and Paradis Latin are the most popular cabaret shows in Paris. Each of them is unique and offers a memorable experience to the audience with their stunning acts, beautiful lighting, impressive décor, and amazing performances.

Can I take my child to a Paris Cabaret show?

You can take your child to a Cabaret Paris show only if they’re above 6 years of age. Since these shows might involve a bit of nudity, parental discretion is advised.

Can I take my pet to a Paris Cabaret show?

No, you’re not allowed to take your pet to a Cabaret Paris show.

Do Paris Cabaret shows allow photography?

No, you’re not allowed to record videos or click photos during Cabaret Paris shows. You can, however, avail the services of a professional photographer available inside the venue to get your pictures clicked.

Do Paris Cabaret shows have a dress code?

Yes, Cabaret Paris shows expect you to wear smart and elegant clothes. Do not wear sportswear, swimwear, or casualwear while attending the Cabaret Paris show. Ladies can wear evening gowns and dresses, and men can wear suits and ties.

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