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Louis Vuitton Foundation Overview

In the vibrant city of Paris, the Louis Vuitton Foundation stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and a haven for art enthusiasts worldwide. The Louis Vuitton Foundation is the home of art, culture, and ideas that Frank Gehry designed after drawing inspiration from 19th Century French Culture, known as an architectural marvel. The art centre witnesses vast queues of people to get hold of the Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris ticket to catch a glimpse of some of the finest artworks from across the world.

It flaunts a huge permanent exhibition of artworks like Inaugural Hang, Cardboard Monster & Cardboard Monster, REST, Inside The Horizon, and much more. Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris ticket also caters to the visitors' curiosity by organising various moderator-guided workshops to understand art in a better way. Tourists can also enjoy musical concerts, recitals, and night visits to the museum to amp up their overall experience of the Louis Vuitton Foundation. One should book their tickets online, as this place is extremely popular which can lead to shortage of venue based tickets selling at the counter.

Highlights of Louis Vuitton Foundation

  • The massive Louis Vuitton Foundation architecture comprises 3600 glass panels, which Frank Gehry designed.
  • As a result, people understand the idea and vision of the world’s most fabulous fashion house.
  • Visitors get hassle-free access to the facility if they hold premium Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets.
  • Witness the Permanent and Temporary exhibitions, which have multiple artworks on display.

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Explore Louis Vuitton Foundation

Permanent Collection

The museum holds a permanent collection for its visitors that showcases collections of various renowned artists including Inaugural Hang, Cardboard Monster & Cardboard Monster, and many more. These masterpieces are divided into four display sections : Contemplative, Pop, Expressionist, and Music & Sound. In addition, the collection is home to more than 250 works, including architecture, painting, sculpture, and photography, created by various artists.

Temporary Exhibitions

The Foundation also hosts various temporary exhibitions for 2 months in the whole year. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see new perspectives, especially of the international artists in these exhibits making your trip more memorable. These temporary exhibits are included in your Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets offering you amazing programs such as “Beyond The Walls”.


The foundation organises multiple events regularly to garner a larger audience and increase the footfall at the exhibition centre. These events include a spectacular night-time visit to the center once a month, and visitors embrace the overall beauty of specific sculptures, designs, and artworks. Foundation also organises meetups and fanfares, where people get to interact with artists, sociologists, philosophers, scientists, anthropologists, etc.

Musical Programme

Foundation organises concerts and recitals at their prestigious auditorium for tourists and visitors. The hall at Louis Vuitton Foundation is specially reserved for creating music and interacting with musicians and artists from different disciplines. One can witness the diversity more manifest by artists and musicians by looking for such concerts while booking their Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets.


Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets caters to every visitor's curiosity and interest, whether amateur or art enthusiast. Workshops are organised at the centre, and each visiting group is assigned a mediator, who takes them through every nook and corner of the building. Also, the night-time visits are a point of interest for visitors to the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Architecture of Louis Vuitton Foundation

The credit for the magnificent and surreal Louis Vuitton Foundation architecture goes to the great Frank Gehry. He has drawn inspiration from 19th-century French culture to create the architectural marvel, i.e., the Louis Vuitton Foundation building.

He successfully brought back the 19th-century glass ceilings so that the shimmer of sunlight could light up the facility of this place. Frank Gehry didn’t hold back his artistic instincts and drafted the first sketches of the building deeply rooted in French Culture. The building is a statement of a unique and creative mind of a designer and architect. Your Louis Vuitton Foundation tickets not only give you a chance to witness beautiful artworks inside the facility, but the sight of the vast Louis Vuitton Foundation architecture is an added incentive.

Permanent Collection of Louis Vuitton Foundation

Inaugural Hang

The Inaugural Hang is the manifestation of the surreal euphoria between the four themes of the collection, i.e., Expressionist, Contemplative, Music & Sound, and Pop. The themes are inspired by the works of esteemed sculptors Pierre Huyghe, Bertrand Lavier, Christian Boltanski, Gerhard Richter, and Thomas Schutte.

Cardboard Monster & Cardboard Monster: Rosie, 2010

The Cardboard Monster & Cardboard Monster: Rosie is your couple-friendly monster. Their inception is driven by the use of recycled elements, primarily cardboard. Inspiration for their design can be derived from cartoon heroes and children’s toys, especially their eyes, which are made of black disks with a white background. The minimalist design and simple use of cardboard and wires capture everyone’s attention.

Rest,2019 by Gilbert and George

REST is amongst the marvels launched by Gilbert & George under their thirty-five paintings series titled “Paradisiacal Pictures” in 2019 which can be accessed by Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets. Visitors can witness the randomness and beauty of REST, which lies in the showcase of disproportionate plants, an intense colour palette, and the ambiance, which is the amalgamation of joy and distress.

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978

Technology/ Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978 draws its inspiration from the famous 1970s television series “Wonder Woman.” The visual depiction of Diana Prince covers her complete journey in six minutes, from a regular secretary to a superheroine. To induce a nostalgic feel, lyrics and tunes from the song “Wonder Woman Disco (1978)” by Wonderland Disco Band are played at the end of the six-minute video.

Inside the Horizon, 2013

Olafur Eliasson, the creator of “Inside the Horizon,” has tried to explain his thoughts through his paintings, where he seems to say that we all are caving in a horizon. Visitors lucky enough to get hold of Louis Vuitton Foundation tickets can walk through this kaleidoscope of Golden Reflections.

The Collector with a Friend, 2016

At first glance of “The Collector With Friend,” tourists will experience a throwback to the statue at the entrance of Disneyland, California, of Walt Disney holding the hands of the famous cartoon character “Mickey Mouse.” According to the researchers, this portrait was discovered on the coast of East Africa near the site of the shipwreck of “The Unbelievable.” Damien Hirst is credited for reproducing more than 400 “found” objects throughout his life.

Lerne Deutsch Mit Petra Von Kant, 2007

“Lerne Deutsch mit Petra Von Kant” depicts the similarity between the mid-life crisis of famous model and actor Petra Von Kant and the artist who is gay. He has shifted to a different country with a foreign language, about which he doesn’t have any knowledge. In the video, artist Ming Wong successfully re-enacted the actions and emotions of Petra Von Kant.

Fish lamp, 2014

“Fish Lamp,” the creation of the sculptor and designer Frank Gehry, is one of the best reasons to get Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets. Considering his experimental nature, Gehry's prototype of “Fish Lamps” was commissioned by Formica in 1983, and he used the new plastic laminate, “Color Core.” After the successful display at limited places, he sent “Fish Lamps” for large-scale production in 2012.

Where the Slaves Live, 2014

“Where the Slaves Live” is the genius creation of Adrian Villar Rojas, which showcases the constant dialogue and tussle between nature and architecture, which successfully captures the fascinating visuals along with the underlying mystery. Get the Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets and witness how human interaction with nature results in a beautiful yet disturbing environment around us.

Plan Your Visit to Louis Vuitton Foundation

Essential Information
How to Reach
  • Timings:

Monday To Saturday (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

  • Location:

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is located next to the Jardin d'Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne, the famous park on the west side of Paris.

  • Accessibility:

Wheelchair accessibility is included in your Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets.

  • Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit the Louis Vuitton Foundation is during the working day, around sunset, from 4 pm to 5 pm, as visitors will be able to experience a unique perspective of art with sunset sky at the backdrop. So, book the Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets accordingly.

  • By Metro:

Tourists can take Metro Line 1 to La Defense and deboard at Les Sablons station. It is the nearest station to your destination, from where you need to grab a bus to reach your destination.

  • By Bus:

After deboarding at Les Sablons station, take Line 73 or bus 244 from the Foundation Entrance. Foundation also offers a shuttle service for all the tourists. The shuttle service is available every 20 minutes.

  • By Car/Bike:

For tourists who prefer to visit the Louis Vuitton Foundation by car, a drop-off area and five parking places are available in front of the Foundation.

FAQ's of Louis Vuitton Foundation

From where can I get tickets to the Louis Vuitton Foundation?

Tourists can get their Louis Vuitton Foundation tickets online through our website. Make sure, during the online booking of tickets, that the site is authentic, and cross-check your visiting date and timings.

Is the Louis Vuitton Foundation worth visiting?

Louis Vuitton Foundation is home to more than 250 artworks, which are creations of hundreds of artists worldwide. So, getting a Louis Vuitton foundation ticket and visiting the exhibition center will be worth it.

Can you tour the Louis Vuitton Foundation?

Visitors can tour the Louis Vuitton Foundation and witness exquisite artworks spread throughout the facility. The Foundation also organises guided tours for groups and families, which are included with the Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets.

What is inside the Louis Vuitton Foundation?

The Louis Vuitton Foundation has a plethora of artworks, sculptures, photographs, and a lot more. Every artwork is a delicate masterpiece created by some of the best artists worldwide.

Should I buy Louis Vuitton Foundation tickets in advance?

Yes, you can buy Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets in advance. It’s better to get them in advance, to avoid long queues and rush on weekends and other busy days.

Why was the Louis Vuitton Foundation built?

The Louis Vuitton Foundation was resurrected to showcase or manifest some of the best artworks from around the world. Also, it provides a stage for the artists who are a gem but hardly known by the masses. So, their artwork is displayed, and people can embrace and understand the actual art.

How do I get into the Louis Vuitton Foundation?

One can enter the Louis Vuitton Foundation by getting tickets to the facility. Visitors can get their Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris tickets from the ticket window or book them online.



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